Volume 5: Spring 2011

Editors’ Intro

“The secret of the psychoanalytic method is the very engagement of a discourse wherein the fixity and certainty of any proferred epistemic configuration are dislodged… what psychoanalysis offers, the subject is thus its discourse as Otherwise.”

Barratt, B. (1993) Psychoanalysis and the Postmodern Impulse: Knowing and Being Since Freud’s Psychology. Johns Hopkins University Press: Baltimore (p. 42).

The co-editors and the editorial board welcome you to the fifth issue of Other/Wise. Our editorial board members are Susan Flynn, Larry Green, Montana Katz, Steve Kuchuck, Rachel Newcombe, Josie Oppenheim, Stuart Perlman, Katherine Schwarzenbach, Judy Vida, and Tom Wagner.

Other/Wise will continue to offer our two innovative sections, “Entering the Consulting Room”, featuring articles that focus on clinical material, and “Autobiographical Discoveries: Our Psyches, Our Selves”, featuring articles that focus on the personal journey.

Other/Wise continues to feature creative work such as short stories, poetry, art work, and music that illuminate internal unconscious process or any aspect of the human condition that engages us from a depth perspective. We are delighted to include in this issue for the first time a play script.

We believe that learning is a reciprocal pleasure, and invite our readers to participate in our ongoing dialogue by using the feature that allows you to respond to everything published in each issue. Learn, enjoy, join in the conversation!

Articles, art work, poetry, short stories, play scripts, music with lyrics should be submitted electronically to Richard Raubolt, r.raubolt@gmail.com, and Merle Molofsky,

Richard Raubolt, Founding Editor
Merle Molofsky, Co-Editor

Download/Print Entire Issue in PDF Format
(108 pages, 609 KB)

Entering the Consulting Room:

Autobiographical Discoveries:


Play Script:


Short Stories:


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