Volume 3: Fall 2013


The Sustainability of Engagement

When two people speak to each other, they soon become inextricable: words are contagious.

-Adam Philips, Terrors and Experts

This grouping of papers marks the final installment of work from the 2012 IFPE conference, Sustainable Psychoanalysis: Embracing our Future, Preserving Our Past. In choosing to name this year’s journal Otherwise/Uncut and keep the papers in their original tone, we wanted to create the felt experience of the presentations during the conference.

Tina Griffin, Larry Green and I have enjoyed the opportunity of re-reading these papers and remembering our time together in Portland, Oregon. It takes about two years to plan a conference.

The main ingredient necessary for conference planners is the ability to sustain each other during the various stages of planning. The three of us have come to the conclusion that what sustains us the most is the unpredictable creativity that emerges once a conference begins and people start speaking to and with each other.

This year’s journal has been an experiment with sustainability, with continuity, and it has been an opportunity for you, the reader, to engage in a conversation with the authors of the papers. We encourage you to email the authors if you feel moved by their ideas, if you have questions, or if something you read stirs your own thinking.

We would like to thank our indefatigable administrator Lois Ehrlich for guiding us, keeping us on task and for her love of the psychoanalytic process. In all that she does she sustains IFPE. Thank you, Lois.

We would also like to thank all of the conference participants who submitted papers and worked with us to see their articles find their way into this journal.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to stay connected to Other/Wise in 2014. Farrell Silverberg and Judy Vida, the co-chairs of the conference Transience and Permanence, will be making sure that the tradition of conference papers remains a vital aspect of what sustains IFPE .

Rachel Newcombe

Rachel Newcombe, Tina Griffin, and Larry Green

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Individual articles in this issue:

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