Volume 1: Spring 2013


Cultivating the Terrain between Reader and Author

What sustains us? This is the question we explored during IFPE’s 2012 annual conference. With Portland, Oregon as our backdrop we listened to many stories of what sustains us. Some of the themes were about careers, wars, literature, Jung, Ferenczi, addiction and dreams.

As co-chairs of this conference, my colleagues Tina Griffin, Larry Green, and I realized that in addition to all the invigorating presentations, what was cherished most was the opportunity to listen to each other. Encountering old friends, meeting new people, sharing a meal, a quick cup of coffee or a glass of wine at Jake’s, allowed new friendships to be forged. Requests for emails, phone numbers and copies of papers
could be heard in the hallways of The Governor Hotel.

In wanting to sustain the spirit of the conference a bit longer Larry, Tina and I will continue our conference chair roles as co-editors of the 2013 online IFPE journal Other/Wise. For the year 2013 the working theme of the journal is Otherwise/Uncut.

We made the editorial decision to have the majority of the papers keep the original tone of how they were presented at the conference. In doing so we hope to sustain the aliveness that accompanies an oral presentation.

We thank our colleagues and editorial board for reading the submissions and volunteering their time for light editing.

There will be three groupings of papers throughout the year.

The first collection of papers is called: Cultivating the Terrain between Reader and Author. At the end of each paper we have provided the author’s name and contact information. We invite you to interact and send comments to the authors directly.

Lastly, we would like to thank Merle Molofsky, the previous editor of Other/Wise. Merle’s keen mind and ear for language produced beautiful, thought provoking editions of psychoanalytic reading. Your work continues to sustain us. You are a natural resource Merle.

Rachel Newcombe, Tina Griffin, and Larry Green

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Individual Articles in this Issue:

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