Bedroom Door

By Vanessa Bezbrozh

The image of the bedroom door
Imprinted in my eyes
And any moment I will see
The one who heard my cries

Alone, and hopeful that you know
How urgently I need
But…I’ve been calling you a while
And anxiously I plead

Will you return? Are you aware
That I’ve been calling out?
Will you be angry, or concerned?
Will you relieve my doubts?

More minutes slowly going by
And still I watch the door
It seems unfair, but I don’t know
What I’ve been punished for.

Alone and aching for her care
I’m trapped, a helpless pose
And when so many minutes pass
I only hope she knows…


Vanessa Bezbrozh is a NYS licensed acupuncturist running a community acupuncture clinic in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. She has found that using poetry and other creative arts as part of her own analysis is an immensely healing and satisfying means of expression. Many of her poems such as the one above were written on the basis of subtle memories and feelings from a preverbal stage in her life. She plans to study psychoanalysis formally in the near future to add to her practice as an acupuncturist, intending to create a therapy that deeply addresses both body and mind.

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