By Rachel Jennings

stone                      notes
silent                      listen
scares                     caress

Rachel Jennings teaches English at San Antonio College in San Antonio, Texas. Her poetry chapbook, Knoxville Girl: The Walk to the River, will be released by Finishing Line Press in May 2011. She has also published two other books of poetry: Elijah’s Farm (Pecan Grove Press, 2008) and Hedge Ghosts (LaNana Creek Press, 2001).

One Response to Therapy

  1. ifpe says:

    I can’t resist posting immediately, even though I am the co-editor of Other/Wise, because I am so impressed by the concept of this poem, and want to make sure everyone who reads it recognizes that the poem is composed of six words that are three sets of anagrams, and the anagram word pairings have meaning, resonate with each other! What a terrific concept, and so beautifully realized. Thank you, Rachel, for a poem that tickles the brain, the funny bone, and touches the emotions. Merle

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