Volume 1: Spring 2008

Download/Print Entire Volume in PDF Format


In Treatment/The Treatment
by Walter A. Davis

“In Treatment”: A Critique of Paul’s First Session with Laura
By Jonathan Lewis

Ending “The” Treatment
by Richard Raubolt

IFPE Reviews

A Tale of Love and Darkness by Amos Oz
Review by Merle Molofsky

2 Responses to Volume 1: Spring 2008

  1. Garth Amundson says:

    Looks great! What an excellnt idea!

  2. Paul Kreisinger says:

    I just found Other/Wise after it was referenced on the IPA blog.

    I realize that I am making this request in a digital world and that printing is so ntediluvian…however, might it be possible to set up your site so that an entire volume is printable, as the publishers of THE CANDIDATE do on their website? If one goes to “archive” one can print an entire volume of THE CANDIDATE (in some cases, 120-150 pages) at one time. I much prefer to print out (double sided) and let staples spiral bind them for me for easy reading whilst commuting. I’d like to spend time with all four volumes of Other/Wise, but find that paper is so much more convenient on the subway or in a train or plane.

    Thank you for such an excellent publication, clearly a labor of love and intellect.


    Paul D. Kreisinger
    Paramus, NJ

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