Seeing the Flow of People

by Hailey Doran

Hailey Doran is a 19 year old psychology student at Suny Purchase. She has a long term interest in professional art therapy. She is inspired by the everlasting infatuation of people that flow in and out of her life.

3 Responses to Seeing the Flow of People

  1. Karen Morris says:

    I am intriqued by the hard-edged fragility of these portrait drawings, so reminiscent of Egon Schiele. These drawings reflect a rawness and truth about relationship. The in and out flows attest to how dangerous and close we can feel at the same time, while keeping us on the edge of something (someone) unknown and mysterious. Best of luck in your career.
    -Karen Morris

  2. Your work is arresting and wonderful. Someone told me recently that we are all from birth afraid of seduction and rejection. This comes to mind, looking at these beautifully drawn images filled with the complex desire for and avoidance of connection. I will be following your career with great anticipation.
    My best, Robin Raina Benjamin, PsyA

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