Centered on Life’s Marrow

by Keri S. Cohen

A baby in the rough, unwanted,
coming into a world,
not destined to be polished
except by it’s own ability to grow the capacity to polish

A baby in the rough sucking on itself to self soothe,
learning at some point about marrow in the bone.
Marrow, so hard to grasp, get to, yet ultimately, it is
this marrow that one’s life is centered on;
Eventually one learns to suck on one’s own marrow somehow;
thumb sucking is too external, limited.

Marrow, keeps producing, like milk.
Like milk it has to be pumped.
Self taught pump from the desperate, rough unwanted soul,
learning to self soothe.
The baby struggles to mine the marrow, to learn to survive,
Has to let it feed itself strength.

The baby in the rough tries opening a space for internal
to allow the marrow to feed what shouldn’t exist,
this baby in the rough, born into emotional disgust.

Life’s marrow begs for compassion, but so many layers to
cut through, to access, in order to nurture the whole
pumping the psychic blood,
the blood cells that marrow produces.

Life, centered on one’s marrow;
albeit in the rough, never polished.

© Keri S. Cohen
March 6th, 2012

Keri Cohen, LCSW, works in private practice in Pennsylvania. She completed graduate school from the University of Pennsylvania in 1991, with an emphasis in Family Systems, and post graduate certification in child and adolescent therapy at Bryn Mawr. She is Board Certified in Social Work. Keri works mainly with adults and adolescents, integrating psychoanalytic concepts with Family Systems. During the 1990’s, she organized and ran a psychoanalytic discussion group for psychologists and social workers for six years. She also established a non-profit organization which provided funding for parents who were at risk of abusing their children. This is her first publication.

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