Be My Knife

Be my knife. . . the instrument of penetrating precision
cutting through the emotional veils that smother
my spirit and blur the dreams so long nurtured.

Be my brilliant blade. . . forged by a purposeful mission,
whose force directs and guides each circumstance and
situation with an intellectual prodding.

Be my knife. . . be my strength, fill my heart and
conquer my soul.

Linda Sabo Raubolt

Linda’s bio: I never thought of myself as a poet. In fact, the only poetry that I ever read was that of Emily Dickinson and Charles Bukowski. Somewhere in between these poles of humanity, out popped this poem from my “intuitive energy space.”

3 Responses to Be My Knife

  1. Steven Kuchuck says:

    Glad you allowed your “inner poet” to emerge long enough to give us these powerful lines.

    Thank you for this.

  2. Judy Vida says:

    Linda, I think your “intuitive energy space” is the poem that you live. Thank you for sending us this message from the inside.

  3. Carol Seacord says:

    It always amazes me what happens on the “inside” with you. Loved the poem and can’t wait for more of your intuitive energy.

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