By Paul Cooper

the dawn begins to rise
shrouded in mist-
perched in an unseen limb;
the songbird.

Paul Cooper practices psychoanalytic psychotherapy in New York City and Westchester and is currently Dean of Training at the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis. He is a faculty member and supervisor for the Institute for Expressive Analysis. Paul is on the IFPE Board of Directors and he is an award-winning author and poet.

3 Responses to Slowly

  1. Melanie Zarabi says:


    Rumi, Haiku and Zen in five Sumi strokes. Where did you write this? I wish waking up was this beautiful, soft and peaceful every day. I think you have become one with Zen.

    • Paul Cooper says:

      Its just now that I figured out that we can write back and forth on this beautiful journal site where so much creativity abounds.

      This is a traditional 5 line form that preceeded haiku and is known as “waka” This particular waka is in the “ushin” style of “deep feeling” without explicitly mentioning the feeling, which leave you space to interact with the poem on your own terms…

      Warm wishes


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