In the mirror
The self becomes as one
Look behind you
There is another one
The “I” is always
Slipping down a stream
When you arrive
You are in another scene

Where Id was Ego shall be
Where It was I shall be

Had a dream
Lying on your couch
Could not pay the mortgage
On my house
Watched my words
Flutter in the air
Alighting like Monarchs
On your chair

Where Id was Ego shall be
Where It was I shall be

Climb the tower (Break)
Unafraid to fall
The thing you call anxiety
Will quilt you to the wall

My Father’s name
I want to wear it proud
But my Mother’s voice
Is filling me with doubt
I plant the seeds
As one supposed to sow
But the grass seems much more
Green before it grows

Where Id was Ego shall be
Where It was I shall be

Phillip G Fleisher is a psychoanalytically oriented clinical social worker. He received his analytic training at the Massachusetts Institute of Psychoanalysis as a two year post graduate fellow. He also plays in a musical group consisting of two acoustic guitars and a woman singer who is also a clinical social worker.

2 Responses to Mirror

  1. Merle Molofsky says:

    Reading these lyrics by Phillip Fleischer is like an invitation to go behind the looking glass. The song lyrics are so powerful, genuine poetry. And of course reading them leads me back to the morning when the band performed “Sorry” at the 2008 IFPE conference. I feel privileged that I was present, and grateful that I can once more experience a significant part of the presentation, the psychoanalytically informed and charged words, which are themselves a form of music. Thank you, Phil! “I’m sorry, so sorry,” that we aren’t able to post a video of the performance in Other/Wise. But I’m delighted that the lyrics speak for themselves.


  2. Merle Molofsky says:

    Oops, just discovered the “sound” portion of “Mirror.”
    The lyrics with music! Oh, Other/Wise, how other and wise to use the internet to such advantage.

    I love the play of “Where Id was, Ego shall be, Where It was, I shall be.” What a gift, to be able to use the medium of song to explore the deepest aspects of unveiling the unconscious.


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