As Chair of the Publication and Web Site Committee I am pleased to announce the creation of IFPE’s own on-line journal. This letter is posted on the home page of this new endeavor known as OTHER/WISE. You can “read around” my letter to get a glimpse of the philosophy, origin of the journal name and the working group that put together this project. You will see, I hope, that OTHER/WISE is the result of creative, evocative exchanges that reflect IFPE’S innovative and inclusive guiding principles.

The working group sought to develop a journal that would value and promote various voices and forms of expression of not only the written word but also the artistic in many formats.

I invite you to join in as the inaugural issue will be composed of papers, songs, art, film clips of and from this conference. All entries are welcome, and as this journal will be interactive, there will also be room for comments once OTHER/WISE is on-line. For this first issue Steve Kuchuck will join me as Co-Editor while the Working Group will serve as the Editorial Board. Submissions can be sent to me at r.raubolt@gmail.com and Steve (stevenkuchuck@aol.com). If you have any questions or know you wish to submit a paper please seek one of us out at the conference.

With Our Best Wishes

Richard Raubolt

Steven Kuchuck

7 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Wishing you well…sounds very interesting….lets hope we can get a large audience….

  2. Merle Molofsky says:

    To Richard, Steve, and members of the Working Group Editorial Board,

    Congratulations on launching the inaugural issue of Other/Wise. I look forward to many interesting contributions and to a deep and intense cyberspace dialog that complements the depth and intensity of the IFPE conference space dialog.

    Many thanks,


    (Merle Molofsky)

  3. Nelia Drenth says:

    Congratulations! May this online journal serves as a guide to all of us, also here in South Africa.

  4. Steven Kuchuck says:

    Thank you Nelia, Jerry, Merle, Garth and others for the welcome and good wishes. We are approaching the final stages of preparation for our next issue and expect to release that in early September.

  5. Rudy Oldeschulte says:

    It is good to see the IFPE thriving… I was a member many years ago and have now re-discovered your organization. I look forward to seeing more in the Other/Wise.
    All the best.
    Rudy Oldeschulte, Williams Bay, Wisconsin

  6. Hi.
    I was told my review of The Visitor will be published in your journal and I’m just writing to find out which issue that will be.

    Thanks so much.
    Ruth Neubauer

  7. ifpe says:

    Hi Ruth,

    We look forward to presenting your review in the next issue of Other/Wise, which will be Volume II, Fall 2009, to be released shortly after Labor Day.

    Thanks for the fine writing and interest in the journal.

    Stay tuned, everyone,

    Steven Kuchuck and Richard Raubolt

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